Monday, October 15, 2007

Circumzenithal Arc -- the smiling sky?

From the Chinese news site, epochtimes, there's a report of up-side-down rainbow happened in the Yangku County of Shangtung Province in the afternoon of October 14:
It is indeed an unusual phenomenon but it is not a rainbow! It is a beautiful halo, called the "circumzenithal arc" (CZA), caused by sunlight shining through a thin, invisible screen of tiny ice crystals high in the sky. There was a good article about it by David Perlman in San Francisco Chronicle earlier this year. Wikipedia also has a good article with pictures. More detail pictures here.

CZA is generally considered a rare phenomenon, superstitious Chinese tend to regard this kind of rare happenings may be harbinger of some impending events. As the concave up arc sometimes resembles a grin in the sky, but why would the sky grining over a country being oppressed by a tyrannical, totalitarain, commie regime for nearly six decades, with more than 80 million of its own people being killed throughout the years, and catastrophic persecutions continued daily? Well, on the day before the opening of the 17th commie party kingpin's national congress, the grin in the sky is clearly not a random thing. It is in fact telling the long suffered Chinese people that up above there the sky is seeing the coming demise of the commie regime, a free democratic country with liberty and justice for all will not far behind. That's why the sky is smiling!


I mentioned
above the 17th commie party kingpin's national congress, it is going on right now. There's very little about it being reported by our media. Here I would like to show two tidbits:

First, here are two pictures:

The country is called the "Pe0ple's Republic." This is the big 17th people's congress being held in the People's Congress building shown in the background of the first picture. But where are the people? Well, people are the real enemy of the regime so real Chinese people need to be firmly kept away by these thugs and beasts shown here. Military in the second picture is preparing for war against people!

Another amusing point is that Chinese people, generally passive, tend to vent off their frustrations through playing with words. Here's a latest:
The top line says "Chinese Communists' 17th big congress." The lower line actually phonetically sounds exactly the same as the top line, but it means "Communist is terminated and its death moment is arrived!" Isn't this another good reason that the sky is smiling?

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