Thursday, October 18, 2007

It happened -- a sad beautiful story

This is an exceedingly sad story but it is also an extraordinarily beautiful story. I first read about it from the transcript of a TV tabloid program through Google Alert. My first reaction was "Please, not again!" Then I tried to discount it because the tabloid neglect to tell when and where. I need further confirmation. My fellow blogger Rob Stormer kindly sent me five different news reports about the case completed with pictures and all who, what, where, and when. There's no more doubt, it is true and it really happened!

The center of this story is this picture:
As this article in ZanesvilleTimeRecorder, by L. B. Whyde, tells:

The candid photo, taken Sept. 27, reveals her standing on a rocky cliff in front of maddening white surf, the wind blowing her hair as she points with one hand toward something she sees.

In that frozen moment, Sarah Scherer had been doing what her husband, Christopher, knows she did best: pointing out the beauty in her surroundings.

"She was in her element when we took that picture," Christopher said of the image taken only seconds before Scherer, 28, a 1997 Newark High School graduate, was swept by a large wave into the Mediterranean Sea, unable to be rescued despite efforts Christopher and others made to save her.

"Her head and her arms were above water. She had a lot of blood flowing down her head," he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "She was struggling to stay afloat, and she started to do the backstroke."

Christopher Scherer, who had just taken her picture, tried to help her but was pulled in himself; another wave threw him back ashore. He somehow managed to end up back on the rocks, breaking a rib and cutting his arms and hands.

Now, Christopher's last photograph of his wife standing on the rocky cliffs is a bittersweet reminder, he said.

"It's difficult (to look at) because the images of what happened after are so vivid ... In the same sense, when I look at the picture, she is so full of life she's doing what she always wanted to do."

It is that beautiful rocky shore. Don't we all eager to have a picture taken there? Do we ever think for a moment about the possible danger lurking behind it? The ZanesvilleTimesRecorder calls it an accident as they report: "The accident occurred September 27th along the Cinque Terre coast." I tend to think it's more than an accident, but I don't think our language has a term for what happened there yet. I said it's also a beautiful story just let this Newhouse News Service report, by Jesse Tinsley, tells it
The best day of Sarah Scherer's life was her last.

On some steps overlooking the Mediterranean in northern Italy, she posed as her husband took a snapshot.

It was Sept. 27, the second day of the Madison, Ohio, couple's trip to Cinque Terre, or five villages, famous for Via dell' Amore — a Lover's Lane that winds through the villages.

Vineyards and olive groves stretch from the hillsides to the sea. And Mediterranean sunsets, charming seaside villages and small-town hospitality draw lovers from all over to this slice of paradise.

"It was a trip she always wanted to take," her husband, Christopher, said. "She always wanted to walk the Cinque Terre."

But as he snapped another photo, a huge wave rose from the sea and swept her away.

"I started screaming and ran to where she went in," said Christopher. "The water just pulled her down, back into the sea ..."

A second wave hit Christopher, crashing him into the rocks and taking him under.

A third wave tossed him out of the water and onto the rocks, breaking a rib and cutting up his hands and arms.

Scherer followed his wife along the coastline, yelling for help.

One of those who joined him threw a life preserver, but she was too far out, he said.

"I saw her head bleeding, blood washing down her face," he recalled. "She was struggling to stay afloat and she started to do the backstroke." Then she disappeared beneath the waves.

Both 28, they met six years ago at a mutual friend's home.

Christopher worked as a team leader for Avery Dennison in Lake County. Sarah was working on her master's degree in art therapy and community counseling at Ursuline College.

Their two-week European vacation was long overdue. The Scherers had visited Paris, Venice and other cities before taking a train to Cinque Terre.

At one point, they stopped at a path with paved steps that led down to the rocks. She took his photo, and she stood at the same spot so that he could take hers.

"I took one picture and the second one that I have is her getting struck by the wave," Christopher said.

My sincere sympathy goes to Christopher and their family. Words are no longer adequate. The only question in the back of my mind is what if -- what if they could all have a life vest on?!


A further development and some further words reported in the News-Herald by Jason Lea:

The president of Cinque Terre State Park is setting up two plaques in memory of Sarah, Christopher said. One will be the picture of her pointing to the sea.

Sarah's mother said: "Sarah was a romantic. If she had to die, being taken out to sea ... she would approve."

"I don't take anything for granted anymore," Christopher said. "Any of the time we ever wasted, I wish I could have just a minute of it back. All my friends who have spouses, I'm going to remind them to treasure them and love them while they still can."

Update September 12, 2008

In about two weeks it will be one year anniversary of the happening of this sad beautiful story -- the lost of Sarah Scherer at the Cinque Terre coast on September 27, 2007. Christine, Sarah's Mom, recent emailed me some detailed information about the event beyond those reported in the newspaper:
We spoke with many of the sailors in Manarola-some who witnessed the whole ordeal there. They called it a rogue wave that hit her. It was at least a 30 foot wave. I did take pictures of the cliff from the side view and will include it here. The sailors also talked of the time of the day they were there that the currents change right around noon. Chris had been where Sarah was before she was standing there for her to take pictures of him. The sailors said that the sea probably looked quite ok when they first got there, even though it was a rough sea that day and then when the current changed-the waves came in 3-the first one took her. She did not drown—but died of the head injuries that came from being smashed on the very rough rocks there and was probably dead in 3-5 minutes. If she wouldn’t have hit the rocks-she may have made it as she was an expert swimmer-and life guard and swim instructor. Chris dropped the camera after taking the picture of the wave hitting her---you could see that it was over her head in the picture. He was taken by the next wave, but had run to the edge of the rocks so didn’t get smashed on them…then the 3rd wave threw him back onto the rocks—and before this happened-he thought he was also dead as was under awhile. Once he hit the rocks, he hung on and then crawled out and up the walk and summoned help from an American woman and her daughter---but Sarah was probably already or close to death—they threw out a life preserver to her and she didn’t respond.
Christine and Christopher, Sarah's loving husband, attended a ceremony in July organized by local Cinque Terre to remember Sarah's case "because of a fierce wave in Manarola last year" with details and a video here.

What struck me was the fact that Sarah was not drown
but "died of the head injuries that came from being smashed on the very rough rocks there." My general reaction that they may need wearing a life vest while out there should be revised. In addition to a life vest, may be a helmet should also be wearing while out on those rocky shores.

I have been alluded frequently that we don't know how, where, or why those fierce freaque waves happen and there are different kinds of freaque waves depends on where it happens: deep sea freaque waves, nearshore freaque waves, and onshore freaquer waves. For the onshore freaque waves, there must be distinctions between sandy shore and rocky shore. All these phenomena happen out there all the time we don't really know much about them. We only heard them when there are trigedies or disasters occur.

I have a proposal for the academic world: give the onshore freaque waves hitting a rocky shore a new designation: call it the Sarah wave!

I came across this Youtube video which did not indicate where it took place. It is not the same as Cinque Terre coast, but I think it would be a good example of a Sarah wave at the end!


Anonymous said...

The sad beautiful story that you write about is about one of my closest girlfirends. She was so adventerous and loved taking pictures - especially of the scenery around her. I often wish we could go back and change the course of time - maybe change the day or time they chose to visit that very spot. She would still be here and we would all be happy and together. If they only would have seen the danger there. But she probably would have done it anyways. She would say that you only live once and how could she pass up such a beautiful picture. She wouldn't have done it any other way. Now, she is in a better place with her father and we are left to mourn our loss. She was an AMAZING person. I wish you could have met her. We love her and miss her deeply. Her message to anyone who is touched by this story would be to savor each moment and every person you meet.
"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive, well preserved body but rather to skid sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thouroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "Woohoo what a ride!"
We miss you Sarah!

Anonymous said...

This is a heartbreaking story. I am from Mentor, Ohio and overheard people discussing this at the office I work at. I was intrigued and looked for more information. I found a myspace dedicated to Sarah that I can only assume is managed by her husband. I have befriended many of Sarah's friends through the myspace account and have learned many things. First, her husband had a new girlfriend within months. Now I don't pretent to understand grief and what it does to a person, but this always stayed in the back of my mind. The family's trip to Italy, which included the husbands new girlfriend, seemed more like a vacation. Very tacky. The new girlfriend wants the world to know she got her man. Disgusting. I can only pray that Sarah really is resting in peace. I am very suspicious of her accident.

christine said...

I am Sarah's mom and would love to talk with you-the last person who put comments about Sarah and the suspiciousness of her accident. Please email me at and we can discuss how to connect as your thoughts are so far from accurate.

Anonymous said...

I know "the girlfriend". I do admit she set her sights on Chris the day of a mutual friend's wedding. If they have found happiness through his loss, who is anyone to judge?

Sarah didn't know her , so the best friend vibe she puts out must be for self-preservation. I don't know how she would feel about it but I know she would want Chris to be happy with love in his life.

None of us should judge. We all need to pray that she is at peace.

christine said...

By the way---Sarah did know her--they had met and were in a wedding together. Too bad that people are reading what they want into all that we are walking through with limited eyesight. Be careful---you never know when it will be your turn. It takes bravery too to leave your name when you write.

Chris-Sarah's mom

Kim said...

I am Sarah's cousin and after I read all of this I had to wait a few days to write because of my anger and hurt. I agree that "anonymous" should talk to my Aunt Chris. I feel you are way off! I am one who really struggled with 'the girlfriend'. It made me have to face the reality of Sarah really being gone... but she is. I worked through it by meeting and talking with her. And more than anything, I want Christopher to live life and be happy, so I agree... none of us can judge, especially since we are not in their shoes.

Many people saw this huge wave take Sarah. Her husband was also taken into the sea by the next wave and barely survived! So, I am not sure what you are suspicious of. The Coast Guard in Cinque Terre told my family it was a miracle that he survived. You say that befriended people on her MySpace, but you didn't talk to any of Sarah's family? Especially the ones that went on the 'vacation' as you call it. The people that lived, were actually there and saw everything. Please, don't post things that could cause more hurt for us the family and friends by trying to make something of nothing! Also, we don't have to pray for Sarah- she is at peace and happy in heaven! Pray for those that are left behind... all of us that are having to deal with this and doing it in a way that would honor Sarah and make her happy.
Kim (Sarah's cousin)

Anonymous said...

I have spoken to family members actually. I am sorry this happened. The loss your family has suffered is terrible. I don't know your family and never thought or meant to cause you anymore pain then you have already suffered and are suffering. To an outsider, it just seems that your daughter's husband has moved on rather quickly. Maybe someone could suggest a little tact. He and his new girlfriend do not need to make their relationship so public and in your face as they are. As an outsider, I am offended and taken aback. I can't imagine what it feels like for close friends and family who see it as disloyal and inconsiderate. I am at work now and my co-workers and I were just looking through the pictures. I am not the only one that thinks having one folder of photos dedicated to her ceremony, and then the other with photos kissing your new girlfriend is outrageous. Lot's of raised eyebrows around here. I'm sorry, but that is fact.

christine said...

again, i have no idea who you are and that makes this difficult as i am pretty open and up front. i have given my name and email-also the ability to see my blog and my thoughts. this will be my last post and last visit to this page. life is never easy nor as it seems. Unfortunately you are trying to have life lived on your terms or as you-and your coworkers feel is fair or right.

As I said last time I wrote--

Be careful---you never know when it will be your turn.

May I add--when you walk things out in life---not everyone will ever understand nor approve of all your choices--or the way you do it. You need to find your true north and walk it well in front of everyone around you--the best you can. I believe we all who have been affected by this tragedy, are doing our best to do exactly that, with the help of our precious God.


Chris said...

I am Chris Scherer, Sarah's husband. Christine told me about this blog & I wanted to check it out for myself. Needless to say I was shocked by these anonymous comments. My actions require no explanation, but I will talk about it anyway in the hopes that you do not hurt someone else that has gone through something like this.

Sarah was my life, my everything, for the time that we were together. We had hopes & dreams of starting a family. We used the trip to Europe in 2007 as our final big trip before we lived out our dream of starting our family. That dream was crushed with the wave that took her in, and everything that I had hoped for in life was gone. When the second wave hit me & when I was subsequently pulled underwater, I thought that I was going to die. I couldn't find any way out. Then a third wave threw me back onto the rocks. I struggled to my feet just in time to watch my Sarah, bleeding profusely from her head, die in front of my eyes. There was nothing I could do to save her. I was taken to a hospital & treated for a broken rib & numerous cuts & bruises all over my body, the scars of which will be with me forever. I then had to go to the morgue to identify her body. They wouldn't show me her head, but there was a puddle of blood underneath the cart which held her body. I then went back to my hotel room where I was alone for two days, waiting for Sarah's family to arrive from their cruise ship (in a Turkish port at the time). I had visitors - local clergy, people from the State Department, a man with the US Navy stationed not far from my hotel - and numerous phone calls from home to keep me going.

Upon returning home I began counseling immediately & was out of work for two months. I did nothing but go to my individual counseling sessions, group grief therapy sessions, and go through Sarah's belongings. I secluded myself and lived in my grief during most of this time. A few friends managed to get me out of the house a few times, but I really wanted nothing to do with anyone.

Through my counseling, my church, and my family & friends, I was able to open my mind to the possibility of a life after Sarah. I remembered conversations that Sarah & I had about what we'd do if the other one died. I always told her that I wouldn't want to be with anyone else after her. She was my first, and best, choice. She convinced me that I needed to let go of those thoughts & that she would want me to be happy and find someone else. My counselor told me that people who have a good marriage are more likely to date again because they know that good relationships exist. THose who are not happy in their marriage will likely assume that all relationships are like that & will not look for another. My group grief therapy sessions taught me that once Sarah died, she was no longer my wife. We all belong to God, and she returned to Him. The phrase "until death do us part" isn't just a catchy phrase, it is actually what God intended marriage to be - an Earthly union between two people & not something that lasts forever. This was tough for me to digest, as I had felt otherwise while Sarah & I were together. But the reality of it set in when I was alone.

I met Tiffany at a friend's wedding a few weeks before Sarah & I left for Europe. We didn't talk to each other, but instead Sarah & her talked for most of the night. Sarah had taken a liking to her because of her outgoing personality & caring heart. Sarah had scheduled to do an art therapy session with her oldest son, now 6, shortly after we were scheduled to return from Europe. Tiffany was married & appeared to be happy. After everything happened, I saw Tiffany at Sarah's calling hours. She was one of 1,000 visitors, though, so I thought nothing of it. Three months later I received an email from her. She knew that I was not doing well & wanted to take me out for drinks. I agreed & we talked for the entire night about Sarah - how much I missed her, how much Tiffany would have liked her, and things of the sort. We emailed frequently after that. This interaction helped me through some of the toughest moments of my grieving process. Through our emails I learned of her marital problems & we were able to help each other through our most difficult times.

Over the next several months Tiffany & I were very upfront & honest with each other. God had put us into each other's lives for a reason. Whether it was just for a short amount of time, to help us through our difficult times, or forever, we agreed that we need to take advantage of the time that God has given us. We never know how long God plans on keeping people in our lives. That's why we must cherish every moment we have on this Earth, and with the people that we're with.

During the next few months we remained honest with each other. I was not ready to date. She was in the midst of a divorce. Her focus needed to be on her children, and mine needed to be on my personal recovery. Tiffany had a near-death experience giving birth to her youngest son and she was able to give me advice & insight that has helped me through mine. To this day we remain honest with each other. We still struggle with our own experiences & know that we cannot interfere with the other's healing. We have been able to help each other, but we cannot heal each other. That must come through us & from God.

A group of us returned to Italy in July of this year for a ceremony honoring Sarah. It also gave me the opportunity to return to the place where Sarah lost her life & where I almost lost mine. This was a very difficult trip to make. No one wants to return to such a place; rather, it was a concentrated effort to recapture the pride & confidence that was taken from me when I stood helpless, unable to save my wife. Tiffany helped me to stand strong and face my fears (as did everyone else that was with us), and I was able to recapture a small part of my being. I was also able to watch as Sarah's dreams were fulfilled - to be remembered & commemorated in a far off, exotic land, immortalized above the spot in which she died. Finally, I was able to close a chapter of my life on a more positive note - knowing that my wife will live forever, and that people who didn't know her personally will be able to get to know her through the story on a plaque at the Cinque Terre. She has touched so many people through her death. That, along with dying on the best day of her life (she told me this minutes before the wave hit), gives me a peace that I haven't had in a while.

Today, Tiffany & I are officially dating. She is a great person & has a strong love of the Lord. She is not Sarah. She is not replacing Sarah. That chapter of my life is over, whether I want it to be or not. I had to make a choice - get busy living or get busy dying - and I chose to live. This choice of living included Tiffany.

I realize that Christine & I have healed much more quickly because we are forced to live in our grief every day. I come home to an empty house every night. Christine's phone doesn't ring as much as it used to. We are faced with the harsh reality of life without Sarah more frequently than anyone else. We also made a choice to accept God's decision to take her, and to make the best of what we had left. We will never understand why He took her away from us, but we know that He has a plan & have faith in Him.

I do not ask anyone to be happy with the decisions that I make. I know that some people will be upset with me no matter what I do. But know that I will never stop living my life. God has never put anything in front of me that I cannot deal with. He also has not guaranteed me that I will be here tomorrow. That is why I must live every second that I am here to the best of my ability & as full as possible. That is a lesson that I learned by watching Sarah live her life, and a lesson that God gave to me when I was underwater and struggling for another breath.

I loved Sarah with all of my heart, and I will until the day I die. Nothing can take that away from me. Anyone who knew Sarah or knows me knows that. Those people also know that I have struggled to get to this point. Now that I am here, I will not let anyone bring me down or stop me from living life. If I did, I would be living my life against Sarah's wishes for me.

Speculations & presumptions are usually incorrect. Please be sure to keep that in mind when forming an opinion about something or someone. I hope that this helps people understand where I'm coming from. You still may be upset with my choices, but that's okay. All that I asked is that people make an informed opinion, and that you realize exactly what it is - an opinion.

Anonymous said...

I think it is very unfair that people are stating incorrect facts and saying that they are offended by Christopher's actions/decisions. He and Sarah had many discussions about death-discussions Chris never wanted to have. One in particular happened before they were married and she made him promise that if anything ever happened to her that she wanted him to move on-to find someone else-to be happy and not to waste the life that God has given him.

Sarah understood life and death perhaps better than anyone I've ever known and while she did want lots of tears (initially) at her funeral, it would break her heart to see Chris (or any of her friends and family) in the state that he was in the months following her death. Anyone who saw him could see the immense pain he was in and I (personally) was afraid he'd never come back to us. It felt like we had lost both of them that day. He mourned her loss very hard and continues to mourn - anyone who knows Chris witnesses this on a daily basis.

Before Sarah's death, Sarah and Tiffany were my two closest friends. They had absolutely met before Sarah died and they were quickly becoming friends. The 3 of us were looking forward to a wonderful friendship together. Tiffany in no way shape or form set her sights on Chris at my wedding. She didn't even talk to Chris but spent the entire day living it up with Sarah. Sarah loved Tiffany and I have a feeling if she could have picked someone for Chris, she would have picked Tiffany-because Sarah could see the beauty inside of people and make no mistake about it, Tiffany is a BEAUTIFUL person.

I don't think we should judge people-especially when we don't know the full story or what they've been through. I have not experienced the loss of my spouse and I hope I never do-I hope no one would ever have to go through something like that. Like Kimmy said, I had a tough time with seeing Chris and Tiffany together at first, too, because it was a reminder that my friend Sarah was gone-that she wasn't coming back. That was hard but it does not give me the right to judge Chris. Instead, I talked about it face to face with both Tiffany and Chris and worked through it.

I think it is because of the wonderful relationship that Chris had with Sarah-and what she taught him-that he is able to move on and that he does want to create another beautiful connection with someone he loves. This does not take away from his love for Sarah but I think a tribute to it.

I would hope (and pray) that the annonymous posts here would be able to look beyond themselves and try to understand how difficult of a year it has been - especially for Chris and Chris. It makes me sad that as we are approaching the 1 year anniversary of Sarah's death that this kind of thing is being discussed. Sarah would not want it this way. We should be remembering her and how much passion she had for life.

Russ Warner said...

This is ridiculous. Anyone who knows Chris knows that this post from Anonymous is just nonsense. I have known Chris for about 25 years now. I would ask Anonymous in Mentor to mind their own business and stop poking their nose where it doesn't belong.

What gives you the right to judge someone like Chris? I don't know you, but I can guarantee you aren't half the person that he is. That is evident by you not even leaving your name. My advice to you is to drop Sarah from your "friends" and leave all of us alone. We are a VERY tight knit group of friends, remember that.

I am going to finish this post now and never return to this site. I suggest that anyone reading this do the same.

Russ Warner

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Scherer for you commentary, You have provided information that proves a few of my intitial thoughts. I never expected this onslaught from your friends, but your opinions of me are worthless as I have no idea who you are and could be standing next to you and would never know. I will continue to pray that Sarah is resting in peace and wonder who you will spend your afterlife with. I will not return to this blog either Mr. warner, I will follow your advise.

Good luck all and Godspeed.

Chris said...

I know that you have no idea who I am- that's exactly my point. I do not fault you for your opinions, though, nor will I ever judge you for them. There's enough of that going on in the world today. I am just thankful that you pray & that you have a faith in God. That is my prayer for everyone.

Please continue to pray for Sarah. Instead of praying for her to rest in peace, though, pray for her to reach as many people around the world as possible. She was always busy, always doing something, often to a chorus of "Slow down!" from the people around her. Those of us who knew Sarah knew that she never rested on Earth, and know that she will not rest in Heaven!

The afterlife is so much more than what we could put words to, or even imagine! I will be spending the afterlife with my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I wouldn't have met Sarah or Tiffany. Without Him, I wouldn't even have to worry about an afterlife.

If you choose to return to this site (Please note, everyone: this is a GREAT site), I would like to thank you for your candidness. Whatever you choose to do, though, know that you are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.....I have thought for several days before making this post. There are 2 things that disturb me most in your comments regarding Chris.

First, your comment about the "circumstances" surrounding this accident. It is hard to imagine that you somehow think that the Italian authorities did not "review" this incident. I assure you that Chris would not have been able to leave the country if they had ANY question about what happened. Numerous sources have documented that there were several witnesses and there is a PICTURE of Sarah being hit by the wave, which was over her head. The force that size wave would generate is tremendous.

Next....Those of us on the outside can only begin to imagine what this must be like for him. He went on a trip of a lifetime with his wife, watched her die before his eyes while he could not help, almost died himself, was alone for several days in a foreign country where he did not even speak the language, and then carried his wife's ashes home in a can. Exactly how long would you like him to wear black and stay home by himself? What are the guidelines? What is the saying? "do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes." Imagine for one second what it must be like to live in his world. Imagine how he must feel at 2 in the morning as he sits in his empty house, full of memories. Is it so bad that he has met someone who can bring him a few moments of joy during this time? Probably not. Lesser people would crumble under these circumstances - yet Chris trudges on. Does he not deserve a few moments of happiness?

Your comments are very hurtful. I assure you that Chris is a decent person who is trying to find his way under incredibly difficult circumstances.

I obviously hope that you change your way of thinking as I feel that it's toxic, but if you do not change it - please at least keep it to yourself so that you don't cause these folks any further pain.

Anonymous said...

I thought about Sarah today and wondered how her husband was doing in his grief process. Her myspace has gone unchecked for almost a year now.


How sweet.

Anonymous said...

you are unbelievably insensitive and cruel to post such mean comments as "married. how sweet"
come out from behind your anonymous shield --

Cheloquito said...

I was in Manarolla today and saw a young couple about Sarah's age taking a photo of themselves with their automatic camera. My first thought was "How stupid." Like Sarah, they had to leave the pedestrian trail and descend a treacherous stone stairway intended for fisherman who had been dashed on the rocks to climb to safety. It was marked "Emergency Stair." Sadly, the world lost Sarah due to her own very bad decision.

Simone A. Palma said...

Hi there,
I am so sorry to hear this story. I would have never imagined what happened there.. I went to Manerola for the first time July last year, about a year ago, actually.
Looking through my pictures today I decided to google the picture I took from Sarah and found this post and other information.
I just wanted to say how sorry I am for the lost. In no way I can say that I know what it feels like losing someone, in such an abrupt way. Yet, I can... he (the love of my life) has not died and as far as I can tell he is still alive maybe in Italy, maybe somewhere else on this Earth. But I lost him forever, just the same. It was abrupt, terribly painful.. so I can relate. It took me years to find the courage to fight for him. This trip was about this. When I saw the picture I immediately felt the energy.. Sarah's. She seemed like an angel and the love of these two, eternal. And as such I knew my love for him will be forever despite the loss. I know one day we will meet again as I am sure she will with Chris too.
Because love like this does not just die. It lives through time... despite all the distance.
I wish all the best for Chris and Sarah's family. I hope he is happy with his new family. I am quite sure Sarah is too, happy for his choice. I can tell.. real love is larger than life.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Cara signora mi.chiamo Arturo e abito vicino alle 5 terre.
Nella zona ci sono incidenti simili tutti gli anni e sapevo di questo incidente. Non sapevo i dettagli drammatici di Sarah e mi dispiace molto per lei.
Però noi della zona italiani amiamo pensare che quando si muore in mare o sulla scogliera qualcosa di noi rimane lì.
Perciò cara signora a me piace pensare che Sarah ora sia seduta sulla scogliera a godersi i tramonti e le mareggiata di posti che lei piacevano molto.
Ora Sarah vivrà in interno.
Un saluto uno abbraccio.