Monday, April 07, 2008

Can freaque waves sever leg?

This news from of Australia last Friday is a little hard to take in:
Police believe a severed leg that washed up oa a beach at Phillip Island in Victoria on the weekend may belong to one of two missing Pakistani students.

Police will use DNA samples sent from Pakistan to try an identify the leg, which was found by a couple walking at Cape Woolamai at about 3.30pm on Saturday.

The process will take a while, said Sergeant Robyn Heal, but police believe the leg may be the partial remains of one of two Pakistani students who were hit by a freak wave last month.

'We literally have to wait for the DNA sample to come back from Pakistan, and it will then take one to two weeks or even longer for the comparison to be made,' Sergeant Heal told Fairfax media.

The missing students Omer Habib, 22, and Wasim Akram, 19, were washed from rocks while taking pictures between The Nobbies and Penguins Parade on March 24.

Mr Habib was hit from behind by a wave and was dragged backwards into the water. Mr Akram tried to save him but both men disappeared when another wave washed over the rocks.
Can freaque waves sever a human body? I certainly have a hard time to think that's possible. The tragic story itself is too sad to report in the first place. But it's happening is by no means a surprise or unexpected from this blog. But two young foreign students, far from home, enjoyed a beach outing and encountered the freaque wave while taking a picture on a rock and lost their life is just too depressing a news to think that's really happened. Now can freaque waves really severed a leg? Well, the only scenario I can think of would be the force of the freaque wave somehow injected the helpless body onto a underwater rock with a very sharp edge. At any rate, it was a sad story without this aftermath. Our prayers go to the family and love ones of the two students. Telling their story should really bring home the warning that one just can not be too cautious to be on the beach, anything can happen any time and any place!

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