Monday, April 21, 2008

Whither hothouse earth?

The New Scientist magazine (issue 2652, 20 April 2008, page 14) carried an interesting news item yesterday about a new research result on the consequence of a huge rise in atmosphere temperature:

WHAT would it take to jam a planet's tectonics? It seems that a huge rise in atmospheric temperatures would do the trick, causing continents to grind to a halt, mountains to stop growing and earthquakes to cease.

Wait a minute, "earthquakes to cease" !? Isn't that a good thing ??? No more earthquake, there will no more tsunamis !!! How many lives that will save? Millions may be! How many people have the IPCC/Chickenlittlealgore and their fellow alarmists saved ??? Hey that's a politically incorrect question to ask!!! How dare you.

According to Adrian Lenardic of Rice University in Houston, Texas, and colleagues, a very hot atmosphere can trigger this effect by slowing heat loss from the mantle. The team's model showed that for such effects to occur on Earth, average atmospheric temperatures would need to rise by 60 °C (Earth and Planetary Science Letters, DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2008.03.031).

Though this is unlikely to happen on Earth in the foreseeable future - it could be caused by a huge rise in volcanic activity but not by human-made climate change - defining this upper limit may help determine if and when other planets, such as Venus, experienced tectonic plate movement.

So it is unlikely to happen and it certainly can not be caused by our SUV driving or Exxon-Mobil with or without Chickenlittlealgore's tiny, tiny fat carbon footprint.

Now if in the ultimate extreme case there can be nice things to happen, why can't we explore the beneficial effects instead of only alarms? If the earth is going to follow the fate of Venus at some point, do you really think IPCC/Chickenlittlealgore can save us from it's happening???

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