Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wild winds cause chaos!

Wild winds cause chaos! Wild winds are things never welcome, especially when it is not necessarily expected. Just when we enjoy the return of spring season in North America, the news from South Australia is sobering:
Killer weather cause chaos
Winds wreak havoc in southern states (of Australia)
High wins buffet Victoria
High winds expected to close bridges
are just a few headlines that describes what's happening in the peaceful wonderland of Southern Australia this morning. Here's the picture of a yacht losing mooring:

Now here's a thought: the planet earth is not a small globe. One part of the earth may enjoy something while another part of the earth suffers other thing. We don't even have the same season at the same time. So does the code word "global" really mean anything in the real world? Next time when you heard the mumble jumble of global something, keep in mind it most likely just full of nonsense, uh, hot air!

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