Sunday, August 16, 2009

Freaque wave helped murder victim

Here's a New Zealand murder case happened 14 years ago. Rather hideous, but it has freaque wave connection that makes the story relevant for this blog.

The case is revisited in SundayNews this morning. The story is actually fairly straight forward: a man conspired with a prostitute to first murdered his wife and then bound, drugged, and bundled her best friend into a car and pushed the car off a cliff into the ocean below. It all carried out according to their plan, here's what happened next beyond their plan:
But a freak wave lifted the vehicle off the rocks where she lay trapped for seven hours saving her life and allowing her to help gain justice for her friend.
That's how a freaque wave played the key role:

Pinned by her arm in the smashed up Ford Laser for seven agonising hours, she even contemplated amputating the limb to free herself. But the car was lifted from the rocks by a giant wave.

"Niki's spirit saved me," Barbara said.

Niki was the murdered wife, Barbara's her best friend. Can any one disagree with Barbara? We don't always see clearly how the Almighty mete out justice. In this story 14 years ago, without a doubt, He used a freaque wave!

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