Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Waiting for future -- No freaque wave solution!

There is an interesting article posted by a Desta Bishu in Ethiopian Review today that was also referenced to the one in Manolith posted by a ryanw on July 30, 2009 which ompletes with pictures and illustrations. The article is entitled "20 Predictions of the Future (We are Still Waiting For)." Here's the introduction to the predictions:
It’s human nature to fantasize about the future and predict what life might be like in the future. Over the past eight decades, there have been many wild and outlandish predictions of bizarre gadgets, structures and inter-planetary colonies, all published by magazines, newspapers, books and professors. While some predictions of future technology have seen actualization in the modern world, many such forecasts have not come true. In fact, by the year 2000, the world was predicted to be a far different place than it is even nine and half years later. Today we take a look at twenty predicted technological breakthroughs that never came to be, their origins and current status. To be fair, as you’ll see, we’ve certainly made progress in the right direction, but have still to achieve the dream.
Fair enough! I guess if you are a Sci Fi aficionado these are not really a big deal. My interest is particularly led to one of the predictions called "Sea City":
In 1984, future predictions took a short break from space cities and focused on an equally dangerous location for a city: the ocean. Floating atop the surf, a farming city populated by humans and tended to by robots was predicted to be built in the 2000’s. The article appeared in a book entitled, The Future World of Agriculture, and was titled the “Sea City of the Future”. An excerpt from the article reads: “Robots tend crops that grow on floating platforms around a sea city of the future. Water from the ocean would evaporate, rise to the base of the platforms (leaving the salt behind), and feed the crops.” Today, this green-friendly sea city does not exist. One possible problem with such a design is what to do in case of huge rogue waves or hurricanes. Weather is quite a nasty and destructive thing out at sea, and perhaps building a city in a place where such devastating forces (hurricanes, tidal waves, tsunamis) exist might not be the best idea. (Emphasize added.)
So freaque wave is something even the futuristic experts could not solve either. Clearly the futuristic scienbtists are in fact more realistic than some of our contemporary scientists who are unbashfully claiming that they can predict (sic) freaque waves with their almighty "models"!

On the other hand, isn't it rather disappointing to realize that in the visionary views of the futuristic scientists they don't really foresee that freaque waves along with hurricanes and tsunamis can be readily solved. I am sure that people from hurricane research centers or tsunami research centers will strongly disagree. Tropical depressions and earthquakes would be alerts for possible hurricane and tsunamis. It's a pity that there is as yet no freaque wave research center to voice objections. Sill no one knows what might alert to the possible happenings of freaque waves in the sea. It only happens when it is happened. Yes, I have said it before many times: we don't know when, where, why, what, and how about the freaque wave happenings out there in the sea and it is happening out there even there is no one around to witness it!

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