Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happening at Thunder Hole in Maine

Here's a breaking news that's happening at Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park, Maine reported by WIFR:

The U.S. Coast Guard says three people have been rescued after being swept out to sea by a rogue wave from Hurricane Bill at a park in Maine.

Coast Guard Petty Officer 2nd Class Shane Coxon says a man, a woman and a 7-year-old girl were pulled from the water Sunday at Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park.

Coxon says other people are believed to be still lost in the waves but did not know how many. The National Park Service had said earlier Sunday that at least three people were missing. Coast Guard helicopters and rescue boats have been conducting searches.

Coxon says the girl was unresponsive when she was rescued, the woman appeared to have a broken leg and the man had a previous heart condition that appeared to be acting up.

The statement "a rogue wave from Hurricane Bill" may be a little on the broad and subjective side. Until more detail information becomes available, let's pray for the best and safer outcome for all the people involved.

Update 08/24/2009

The 7-year old girl who was unresponsive when she was rescued has confirmed died in the subsequent news that has since reported worldwide by now. She the only casualty of this instance blamed on this freaque large wave that swept a group of spectators out to sea at the Maine Park. Most of the reports say that the wave was "fueled" by weakening Hurricane Bill. Our heart and prayers go solemnly to the little girl and her family, may God's love and mercy be with her and her family.

Here's a separate video released by Associate Press showing a dramatic successful rescue proceeding:

New York Times published this picture, credited to Glenn Tucker/Bangor Daily News via Associated Press, which is clearly from the same rescue case: has this more detailed video reporting:

Update 08/25/2009

Under the title "Drawn girl a NY Angel" by Erin Calabrese and Leonard Greene, the New York Post today published the human side of this tragic story which is very, very sad:

The little girl who drowned after being swept out to sea while vacationing with her parents in Maine was identified yesterday as a Manhattan youngster who had been adopted from China as a baby.

She was the shining light of her parents' lives, neighbors on the Upper East Side said yesterday.

Adorable Clio Axilrod, 7, was missing in the turbulent ocean for nearly three hours Sunday before the Coast Guard pulled her from the roiling water off Maine's Acadia National Park.

She and her parents had gone to the park along with thousands of others to watch Mother Nature's spectacular display of crashing waves.

Her investment-banker dad, Peter Axilrod, 55 -- who once worked for the Federal Reserve -- also was swept out by a giant wave, while mom Sandra Kuhach, 51, was tossed against jagged rocks.

Both were hospitalized.

"Clio was the light of their lives," said family friend Susan Sperber. "She was adored . . . and their only child."

The surge from Hurricane Bill reached more than 100 feet beyond the shoreline and struck terrified spectators before dragging Clio, her dad and a girl from Maine into the churning sea.

Peter Axilrod and the other girl were rescued after nearly an hour. Neighbors described Clio as a happy, chatty child, who learned to swim in the rooftop pool of her family's East End Avenue apartment building.

"She was one of the best swimmers that we have ever seen," said resident Patricia Carreras. "She was such a healthy kid -- as a small kid, she was diving.

"It's a very, very sad story. Everyone's crying. It was a family that was very much loved. If anyone could embody our building . . . it would be that family -- they were really wonderful."

Others echoed that admiration.

"They're just fabulous people," said another neighbor, who praised the mother's patience. "She spent her whole life developing that child and making her confident."

Let's all pray for Clio and her parents' speedy recovery!

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