Saturday, August 01, 2009

Langeland case

Here's a depressing tragic news even though freaque waves are not being blamed. From Russian Today:
A Norwegian cargo ship has sunk off Sweden's southwestern coast, with the six crew onboard reported to be Russians and Ukrainians.

A helicopter, plane and several rescue boats have been sent to the area, but have so far only found vessel debris in the Koster Fjord, near the Norwegian border. There is no sign of the crew.

The ship sent distress calls early on Friday, but then the Swedish maritime administration lost contact.

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Rescue spokesman, Birger Knutsson, says rescuers have spotted life jackets, a raft and other debris floating on the water, but there was no sign of the crew members.

“The ship has gone down, but there is still hope to find survivors,'' AP quoted him as saying.

Lloyd's List identified the cargoship as "Norwegian International Register-flag general cargoship Langeland " and indicated that it was sank in Swedish waters following a severe storm earlier Friday.

Here's a picture of Langeland by

And another one from here:

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Let us all pray for the safe rescue and return of the Langeland crews


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but you used two different photos of different vessels. I assume it is about the second one.

FreaqueWaves said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I noticed that too. I thought may be they were at different times. But it is more likely to be two different vessels with the same name as they do appear not the same. Either way, let's still pray for the missing crew members.