Monday, September 28, 2009

Biggest wave in Australia?

This is undoubtedly a big wave, as reported in today, headlined as the "biggest wave in Australia:

SUNSHINE Coast surfer Mark Visser has caught one of this year's biggest Australian waves.

Battling chaotic and gusty winds, along with rain, the big wave surfer rode a wave with a 36 foot face last Thursday.

The waves were surfed at Cowbombie, a break about 2.5km offshore from Western Australian suburb Grace Town.

"The weather was unbearable out there. It was very windy, around 30 knots," Visser said.

"Along with the wind, the water was icy cold. My feet ended up getting numb."

The Cowbombie break is gaining a reputation as one of the hot spots for big wave surfing, not only attracting Australian dare-devils.

Biggest or not, it is a very large wave at any rate!

Update 10/3/2009:

Here's a closer view of the same picture in The wave was identified as 11 m high monster and photographer was Calum MacAulay.

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