Monday, September 28, 2009

Tragedy at Sai Kung beach, Hong Kong

Sai Kung is a part of Hong Kong's New Territory. According to this travel info Sai Kung embraces "much of the New Territories' eastern seaboard, Sai Kung district is one of Hong Kong's wildest district with sandy bays and big protected country parks."

Well even paradise on earth is clearly not free from freaque waves as this tragic news reported by Diana Lee in the Standard today:
A first-year university student is missing, presumed drowned, after being swamped by freak waves at a Sai Kung beach and dragged out to sea by a strong current.

Three other students washed away with him were able to swim to safety, though one received cuts to the legs when dashed against rocks.

Here's what had happened:

Cheung Tze-him, 21, and about 30 of his fellow students had been camping at Tai Long Sai Wan since Saturday afternoon.

At about 11.20am yesterday, 20 of them were walking along the shore when they were hit by two- to three-meter waves, dragged into the water and swept toward the rocky side of the bay.

One of his friends tried to hold on to Cheung but he was struck by another wave and not seen again.

His friend managed to make it back to the shore.

Two others, a young man and a woman, also managed to swim to safety with the help of onlookers.

Here's a picture I found online by Virtual Tourist for Sai Kung beach:

One would be thrilled to take a leisurely stroll on a beautiful sandy beach like this. But beware, in the midst of all the dreamy nature beauty, fresh air, peace and tranquility, never forget freaque waves are always lurking around the corner somewhere out there. Be careful, be very very careful!

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