Monday, September 28, 2009

A happy ending story in Cardiff 25 years ago

This nice happy ending story was in the news about a week ago. The case was actually happened 25 years ago in the Cold Knap, Barry area of southwest England in Cardiff. Here's the story reported by Elinor Cross:
A WOMAN who was swept away by a freak wave at Barry’s Knap 25 years ago to the day wants to publicly thank the man who saved her.
with these details:
The dramatic sea rescue of 15-year-old Clare Savory was featured in the memories section of the Barry and District News earlier this month.
The paper described how asthma sufferer Ken Townsend stripped to his underwear and jumped in to save her – but Clare said the real story was far more harrowing.
Clare, now 41, said: "I was playing on the rocks when the wave knocked me in. All I remember is thinking that I was going to die."
Clare was unconscious when she was pulled from the water, as she had hit her head against rocks.
When she woke in hospital she was told that her heart had been injected with lifesaving drugs.
We must say that she's real lucky to be here with her head being hit against rocks. That was the source of many tragedies. Understandably she had a long and difficult recovery as:
Due to problems with her legs she had to learn to walk again, and said that it took years to rebuild her confidence.
"I had a lot of physical injuries which took a long time to recover from," said Clare.
Nevertheless she did recovered fully, she is "now married with a son and lives in Churchfields in the town."

How does she feel about it now? Here in her words:
"To see it in the paper again did bring it all back, but I was struck by how many stories I read where kids are still playing there.
"It is so dangerous."
Yes, it is so dangerous there and all the similar places around the world. Now of course she has not forget the hero that saved her:
"Seeing the story on the memories page made me realise that because of the man who rescued me, I am still here and have gone on to have a family," she added.
"Because I was shy and embarrassed at the time, I didn’t get a chance to thank him properly – so if he or his family are reading this, thank you so much."
We wish to add our heartfelt appreciation to the brave, heroic act also. That's what makes our world a great one, regardless what some of the crooked politicians trying to convince you otherwise.

Update 10/20/2009
Elinor Cross has a follow-up to her report: The brave hero, asthma sufferer Mr. Ken Townsend, has sadly past away. But his son Neil was also there that day participated in the rescue made the contact and reunited with Clare Savory. Here's how Neil remembers:
"We were fishing near a group of youngsters and the water was choppy, and then we noticed that you were in the water."

"We knew it was serious because Dad sent me to run for help because I was younger and fitter, but he was a better swimmer and went in looking for you."
“When I came back he was still looking for you – he went down one last time and caught you by your pony tail – you were spinning like a top."

"Dad was quite ill for weeks after, but I’m sure he would have agreed it was worth it."
It was all because of an unexpected freaque wave we don't know how and why it happen and neither do we know how to prevent it. Thank God for brave people like the father and son Townsend that made this happy ending story a reality. Mr. Ken Townsend, R.I.P., your bravery will always be remembered and appreciated.  Of course we'll be also thank Miss Elinor Cross for producing this superb heart warming story! 

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