Thursday, September 10, 2009

Washed by freaque waves onto rocks

This tragic case happened at the Australia Sunshine Coast southeast of Queensland, north of Brisbane. There are various local news reports with varied details, this one from the Australian perhaps concisely summarized what had happened:
A MAN has died and two other men have been injured after a small boat was washed by freak waves onto rocks on the Sunshine Coast.

A police spokesman said officers received a call about 10.10am (AEST) today that an accident had occurred near Port Cartwright.

Three men were brought in to Buddina Pocket Beach by surf lifesavers.

Lifesavers and paramedics conducted CPR on one man but he died at the scene.

Two other men were taken to Nambour hospital in a stable condition.
Other reports indicate the deceased man was 78 years old, while the injured were his 45 year old son and their 53 year old friend. The Sunshine coast Daily reports that they "had been returning from a regular fishing trip that had started about 7am when the wave washed into the boat."


samuelj said...

Thanks for the effort you've obviously put into this page. I'm absolutely mesmerized by anything related to extreme weather. (Though I understand that these events can occur in normal sea states).

Anyway, thank you again!

samuelj said...

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