Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chien Tang River tidal bore II

Two years ago I first blogged about the Chien Tang River tidal bore. It has been known that every year on the 18th day of the 8th lunar month, the tidal bore at the Chien Tang River approaches the higerst strength. I found this frightening video that really takes the fun out of visiting it for some:

Now this following video report made a few days prior to that lunar 18th day/8th month date, which was already showing some spectacular surging waves. (If the Chinese reporting bothers you, please turn off the sound just watch what was happening out there.)

I found the Wikipedia actually provided a pretty good simple explanation on the formation of tidal bores:
Bores occur in relatively few locations worldwide, usually in areas with a large tidal range (typically more than 6 metres (20 ft) between high and low water), and where incoming tides are funneled into a shallow, narrowing river via a broad bay. The funnel-like shape not only increases the height of the tide, but it can also decrease the duration of the flood tide down to a point where the flood appears as a sudden increase in the water level.
Finally for my Chinese friends, I found the following classical style poetry from here by a contemporary poet in Taiwan which I think really successfully brought out the powerfulness of what we saw from the phenomenon:


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