Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happened in Pebbly Beach

It happened this time at the edge of Pebbly Beach, just north of Batemans Bay,South coast of NSW of Australia as reported by Sam Grovesand Louis Andrews in Canberra Times with the above picture:
A CANBERRA man was missing in high seas off the South Coast last night after an all-day rescue operation that saw swells play havoc with rescuers.

A marine rescue boat capsized around the headland from where the missing tourist was taken by a freak wave when trying to save another man.

Police believe the man had gone to the aid of a 22-year-old washed from the rocks along the edge of Pebbly Beach, just north of Batemans Bay, about 10.30am.

The search was suspended last night but was expected to resume at first light today. Inspector Gary Megay from the Far South Coast Local Area Command said four young people, believed to be in their teens or early 20s, were walking along the rocks when a wave dragged one into the sea.

''The man and his daughter went to try and rescue them, and the man was swept away by another wave,'' he said.

This is a sad story that happened to one man trying to save another man, who was found alive on a nearby beach. Later news from ABC News is not encouraging. Let's pray for a Pebbly Beach miracle. May the Almighty God bless and rescue this good man who's trying to rescue another!

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