Friday, October 09, 2009

An encounter by Coast Guard vessel Anne Harvey

Station VOCM of Newfoundland and Labrador reported this encounter by the Coast Guard vessel Anne Harvey today:
More details are emerging on an incident involving the Coast Guard vessel Anne Harvey this morning. Two crewmen were rushed to hospital after what appeared to be a rogue wave slammed the vessel just outside the Narrows at about 3am. One man suffered a broken leg and ankle and will undergo surgery today while another was released after observation. The two others on the deck were unharmed. The Anne Harvey had just left the harbour en route to a disabled fishing vessel about 100 miles east of St.John's when Mother Nature intervened. They were positioning the anchor to a state of readiness when a wave washed overboard, slinging the men around. Coast Guard Captain Brian Penney says they were experiencing heavy sea and swell conditions at the time. He says winds were at 60 knots from the north-northeast.
CBC also reports that the Anne Harvey was responding to a call for help from a longliner when the incident happened. The ship resumed her assistance call after the injured crew members were safely removed from the boat. Here's a picture of Anne Harvey shown in the CBC article:

So it is again a reminder that freaque waves can happen anywhere, anytime, even to a vessel en route to a rescue mission. This is certainly the time of the year for rough waves, not necessarily freaque waves either. Thank God that there was no major mishap in this encounter.

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