Friday, October 02, 2009

Surfers surviving Samoa tsunami

Two separate happy ending stories of surfer surviving the tsunami:

A 22 years old British surfer, Tom Gogola, was in Samoa for a three-week holiday when the island was hit by a 20 ft wall of water. As reported in Telegraph, he was surfing at the time and was confronted with the monster wave as it powered to shore,
Mr Gogola, of Kingsbridge, Devon, survived by paddling over the tidal wave.
Another New Zealand surfer, Chris Nel, and his fellow surfers used their skills to laid down their surfboard and rode the giant waves to safety as reported by Stephanie Rogers of Mother Nature Network. Here's Nel's description on what happened:
"All of a sudden the water went real weird, it kind of glassed off and got real lumpy, then we started moving real quick, getting sucked out to sea. It was pretty scary looking back and seeing the reef completely dried up. It looked like a volcanic riverbed — it was just gone."
We have seen before that surfers can help to save life with their surfboard. Now we know the surfboard can certainly be a safety device to save their own lives also.

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