Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And another!

Another very sad news reported in UK dailymail this morning. Here's the long headline:
"Husband's agony as British tourist, 63, drowns after wave sweeps women off beach in California."

Here are the details:

Hands clasped together in anguish, Michael Hauffe could only pray for his wife after she was swept out to sea by a freak wave.

The British tourist had watched in horror as his 63-year-old wife Ann and her friend were knocked off their feet on a beach in California.

And as rescuers searched the coastline for her, Mr Hauffe, a poor swimmer, could only stand and watch.

He had immediately run for help when the current swept his wife and her friend Angela Jewell, into the ocean. Rescuers managed to save Mrs Jewell, who is also 63.

But Mrs Hauffe, of Cocking, in the South Downs, in West Sussex, drifted further out and then disappeared.

Some 90 minutes after the search began, a lifeguard helicopter spotted her off the coast at Carmel. But her husband’s worst fears were soon realised.

She was no longer breathing and was pronounced dead on Monday afternoon at Community Hospital, off the Monterey Peninsula.

The Hauffes, who have a family garage business, and their friends the Jewells, had been walking along Carmel River Beach near a lagoon when the wave hit the women, who were closer to the surf.

The riptide then pulled them both 100 yards into the ocean, officials said.

Detective Sergeant Matt Luther, of the Monterey coroner’s office, said: ‘There is a lagoon one side and it can look pretty calm but there are some big waves on the ocean side.’

Mrs Jewell was saved after a lifeguard swam out to her and stayed with her until a rescue boat arrived. She was in good condition when she was pulled from the water.

Last night she was said to be in hospital with stomach pains.

An official warned that the strong local surf can be deadly for holidaymakers trying to make it out of the ocean on their own.

State Parks Superintendent Dana Jones said: ‘If anyone gets into difficulties near the shoreline, they should wait just beyond where the surf breaks and wait for rescuers.’

Now this tragedy seems to have caused by a combination of large wave and rip current -- the wave may or may not be freaque. But who knows? What would be the difference? Another dreadful tragedy happened and there is not much we can do about it except pray! Yes, we can only pray for Mrs Hauffe's soul, RIP and for her husband and family.

We really need more research into this phenomenon which is now non-exist. When do the powers that be will come to implement something?

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