Thursday, October 07, 2010

A wall of water in Bangladesh

An interesting expression in this sobering article by EIN News:
A wall of water whipped up by strong winds over the Bay of Bengal has flooded coastal areas in Bangladesh, forcing about 150,000 people to flee their homes, officials said.
"A wall of water" is one of the well-known characteristics freaque waves are known for. In this case, however, it was clearly not freaque wave at any rate, rather it is the storm surge as the title of the article correctly identified. Storm surge is expectantly generated by strong wind, once upon a time storm surge had also been referred as the "wind tide." So no one should mistaken it for a freaque wave which is mostly unexpected and not necessarily generated by wind. Come to think of it, a wall of water in connection with freaque waves was basically from the viewpoint of someone on a boat when encountering a freaque wave. The massive wave could appear to the people on board as a wall of water -- though not the wall of water like a storm surge or a tidal bore usually produce. Now the recent Hollywood movie called Poseidon that opened the scene with something like a wall of water and the Ship Captain announced a freaque wave is coming is clearly and totally unrealistic!

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