Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another encounter case, another tragedy.

This is reported in Kansas State Collegian and picked up by a couper of Kansas State tv stations:

Last Wednesday, a K-State professor died while vacationing in Mexico.

Mary Hale Tolar, director of leadership studies, sent an e-mail Sunday evening stating Tony Jurich, professor of family studies and human services, drowned while on vacation with his wife, Olivia Collins, instructor in the school of leadership studies. The pair were walking on a beach when a "rogue wave" overtook them and they were pulled into the water by the undertow.

The hotel staff witnessed the event and entered the water pulling out Collins and Jurich. Collins was revived then transported by ambulance to a local hospital and spent two days recovering, according to the e-mail.

It is a local news in Manhattan, Kansas, but the story is certainly not unfamiliar: walking on the beach, encountered an onshore freaque wave, and resulted in tragedy. We share our deepest sympathy with the professor's family. Similar and familiar happenings as has been reported at many other places before. Some survived, some ends tragedy. Sometimes it's worldwide news, sometimes it's just local. How many cases that did npt even get reported?

Also similar with previous cases, there is still no details about the freaque wave that was encountered -- basically we don't know what had happened -- it just happened!
A tragedy here and there, somewhere, a lost soul here and there, somewhere. When will it happen to have some power that be that will decide to do something -- such as making measurements to find out what, why, or how?

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