Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rescue in Poole Harbor

This rescue case happened last Sunday in southern England. According to BBC News:

Two fishermen were rescued after their boat capsized off the Dorset coast.

The men had been bass fishing on Saturday afternoon in the Swash Channel in Poole Harbour when a freak wave hit their boat.

Coastguards were alerted by the crew of a passing vessel who saw them clinging to their upturned vessel and waving for help.

They had spent about half an hour in the water when they were rescued by another boat.

The Poole RNLI inshore lifeboat crew arrived a short time later and brought the men ashore.

John Vine, volunteer helmsman, said: "There was a strong easterly wind that made conditions extremely rough.

"These guys were very unfortunate.

"We were very concerned that the men had been in the water for a long time, lucky for them that the passing vessel was there to lend a hand."

So they are two lucky fishermen after all. This is a more typical than atypical story for fisherman. They are usually not far from shore, but entirely vulnerable when any kind of wave hits their boat. We don't know what kind of wave that did hit them, it can be surmised that the wave may or may not be the kind of freaque waves the academics familiarized with. Anything that capsizes a boat will be necessarily a freaque wave by an ordinary stretch of conventional mind. There is no way to verify it. Let's just accept the report and record it as a freaque wave encounter. Thank God the rescue is successful! Here's a scenery of the scenic Poole Harbor:

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