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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Happened at Daytona Beach

Here's a depressing tragic case reported here:

Tacorey Williams said a group of people came to Daytona Beach to enjoy the surf. She said two friends were swimming when they were hit by a monster wave.
Williams said one of her friends came back, but the other, Dauphin, did not.
"They were pretty far away," she said. "I don?t know how many feet, but they were above waist, I know that for sure. He tried to help, but the wave pushed him farther, so why would he keep going in?"
The waves were high and the rip currents were strong in the wake of Tropical Storm Beryl, since downgraded to a tropical depression.
Now some aftermath from here:

An 18-year-old Orlando man who vanished in the violent surf Monday evening was found this morning by a bystander who was walking along the shore, said Beach Patrol Deputy Chief Scott Petersohn.
The body of Ritchey Dauphin was discovered shortly before 7 a.m. about six miles north of where the teen had initially entered the water in a fairly desolate stretch of beach, Petersohn said.
Dauphin, who had come to Daytona Beach with friends, ventured out past the sandbar behind the Desert Inn hotel Monday night. Lifeguard towers had already shut down for the day.
"He was found several miles from where he went in," Petersohn said this morning. "The current was very strong."
A young life lost just like that -- so tragically unnecessary.  When going to the beaches, monster waves and rip currents are all part of the unavoidable things nature has to offer.  Tragic or happy ending can all happen in a matter of seconds.  Thankfully there's Beach Patrol and lifeguards who are trying hard to keep the beach safe, but there are also so many things out there that can happen mostly beyond their control.  I noticed that airports have prayer rooms.  May be they can build some prayer facilities on the beach to remind people how dangerous things can be and cautious and prayer should always be part of the mindset!

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