Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A "Wave" rolling across the Pacific

By chance I just caught this Youtube news and this and this local news items:

Hmmmm, a guy whose first name is "Wave" and I have never heard of him before!  So it is really you learn something new every day!  Reading these timely news we just have to admire the courage and determination of willingness to strapped in that small solo boat for 50 days or more to rolling across Pacific from California to Hawaii.  Among the things that may give him troubles include freaque waves along with sharks and the sun!  Yes, freaque waves and sharks are only iffy, may be come and go, but there is really "no retreat from the sun"!

I guess besides admiration from me, I can only sincerely say from the heart "Good luck Wave! All the best, smooth sailing and God speed!"

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