Monday, June 04, 2012

Pray for Chaz the fisherman of the Big Island

Urgent prayers are needed from this case:
Search crews continue to look for a fisherman who was swept into the ocean off the Big Island.
Firefighters got the emergency call just before 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon.fficials say a man had been throwing a net with a friend at South Point when he got swept out from the shore. Coast Guard officials identify the man as 29 year old Ceasare Moses. His family calls him "Chaz."
"Some freak waves come in and like three of them, and then the third one is the one that took him out to sea," says Cyboy Lopez. "The coast guard and firefighters is doing a wonderful job - just you know - reading the area all over. You know not only where he was last seen but the whole coastline of Ka'u."
Chaz has been to south point many times to fish. Chaz lives in Pahala. He was wearing a black shirt and black shorts.

Lord, please bring back Chaz safely, all glory be to God, now and forever!

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