Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tsunami Divorce

This article is clearly not scientific! I was curious about the title -- the two words do not seem to really can be connected by any means.  But the author, a mathematics teacher, somehow metaphorically described divorce in terms of oceanic processes:

Some divorces are like the outgoing tide -- a slow and inexorable decline. Others are like a summer storm over the beach, building until the clouds can simply hold no more, the rain washing hard rivets into the sand. Still others are like a tsunami, a great wave arising from a previously placid sea that destroys all in its path.
My divorce was a tsunami. The wave of precursors was hidden deep beneath the surface of the marital waters and were not visible to the naked eye. As I did not possess the equipment needed to warn of its approach, I was caught unawares while standing on that beautiful beach. The shock wave of the sudden departure of my husband carried me far inland, depositing me in a foreign world, unrecognizable.
I must admit the author's theme is somewhat a clever one and she does know what she was trying to express -- from someone who has the painful experience.  In the end she does provided an optimistic notion in life:
When a tsunami hits, you are at its mercy as it carries you far inland. Your only goal at the outset is to stay afloat, to not be swept under its massive power. Once the wave begins to recede, look for shelter and support as you begin to survey your new surroundings. As you try to grapple with the causes of the tsunami, you may spend some time investigating the far-off shore where the shock was initiated, but expend most of your energies on your own shore. What conditions on your beach made it prone to a rogue wave? How can you improve your tsunami warning system so that you are not blind-sighted again? It is impossible to safeguard the sandcastles of your life against all harm, but it is also foolish to build them in the way of a known danger. Look to the past for your lessons, but enjoy the moments in the sun and don't be afraid to build again.
So we learn something new every day. Freaque wave can even be connected to sociological events in life.  Come to think of it, life is really like the oceans always fluctuates in ups and downs! Who knows, may be someday Nonlinear Schrödinger equation can be introduced in divorce court proceedings, ;-). 

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Lisa Arends said...

Schrodinger and divorce? I'll see what I can come up with:) Thanks for the mention!