Sunday, March 02, 2014

A captured happening at Santa Barbara, California

An article in tells this story with video:

The scene was pretty epic at breakfast on Saturday at Moby Dick Restaurant in Santa Barbara, Calif. 
The restaurant is located quite literally right on the ocean. A winter storm in the entire Southern California region generated waves so strong that they shattered a picture window in the dining room, causing salt water to barrel in and customers to flee their seats. 
“Great front row seats for the much needed storm in our area,” wrote surfer Jill Freeland in a caption below the video she captured and posted on YouTube
Go visit the article where there's the video. Here's the rest of the story in the article: 

As the clip begins, a cell phone records what appears to be gradually-building surf. Seconds later, a wave heaves against the window glass, breaking it, and causing chaos—but well-managed chaos in a wonderful “keep-calm-and-carry-on” sense.

Another spectator who was on the scene told NBC Los Angeles that diners and the wait staff initially froze for a split second. Then, they quickly and efficiently gathered themselves and evacuated the dining area.
Amazingly, a city official told the NBC station that no one was hurt in the incident.
Moby Dick is one of a handful of restaurants on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara. According to Yelp reviewers, the place usually lacks ambience “other than the view.” While the food is “overpriced,” the seafood is “fresh” and the clam chowder is “pretty darn good.”
City officials have since closed the whole waterfront area until further notice.
That's quite a dramatic video that was captured.Well worth to watch it.  This case even got into the networks' national news broadcast with a small part of the video as part of the weather story. Now this is one wave case that the words of freak, rogue, monster, or giant were not used. Instead they came up a new adjective: gnarly, uhmm, gnarly wave -- probably it will not get into  the scientific literature. What ever adjectives you choose to use, that unexpected wave broken through the restaurant picture window can be considered to be a freaque wave!

By the way, here's the youtube version of the video -- it all happened in only a couple of seconds, isn't that the usual real life happening of a freaque wave encounter?  

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