Sunday, March 23, 2014

Freaque squall blamed in Westmeath case!

They called it "freaque squall" in this case here, but it's the same freaque happenings nevertheless. Here's the article from Belfasttelegraph that gave the details:

By Adrian Rutherford – 22 March 2014 The angling tragedy which has left one man dead, a second missing and a third fighting for his life may have been caused by a freak squall.The men, all from Co Armagh, were on a fishing trip to Lough Ree in the Irish midlands when their boat capsized in bad weather.
Eyewitnesses described how a freak squall roared over the water shortly after the group set out.
The dead man has been named as construction worker David Warnock, who was 27 and from Richhill. His funeral will be held at Mullaghbrack Church of Ireland outside Markethill on Monday.
The missing man is Daryl Burke (30) from the Portadown area. A father-of-three, his wife is due to give birth to their fourth child in the next fortnight.
A third man, John Trimble (60), who is from Markethill, is critically ill in hospital.
They were part of a six-man expedition from the Portadown Pikers angling club who left Hodson Bay, in the south-west corner of Lough Ree, at 3pm on Thursday.
So it's "a freak squall roared over the water" kind. By the way the headline of this report is: "Freak squall blamed for Westmeath boat capsize that left one angler dead and another missing".  That seems pretty much tells the who story.  The term "squall" is now generally replaced by "meteoro tsunami" in academic circles, a special kind of freaque waves. I think the most important part of this report is the description "roared over the water"! Two things particularly characterize this case implied by the description: it made a loud sound and it came through a path, not the "appears out of the blue and disappears without a trace" kind.  But the roaring across the water is definitely an unexpected freaque wave!

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