Monday, March 10, 2014

A rescue after being swept off rocks by freak wave

One might say that this is just a simple rescue case. Of course nothing is simple. Every rescue case involves potentially life danger. Here's a news from Milford and West Wale Mecury :
Little and Broad Haven RNLI lifeboat was launched on Saturday (March 8) after reports of three teenagers in difficulty in the sea north of Broad Haven at Devils Bridge. 
Milford Haven Coastguard requested the launch of the Little and Broad Haven RNLI lifeboat after a call from a concerned teenager, stating his three friends were in difficulty in the sea. 
The incident happened after the four teenagers (two male, two female) had been sunbathing at Devils Bridge. One of the girls had been washed off the rocks by a freak wave.

After witnessing the girl struggling to make her way out of the water, two of the party jumped into the water whilst the other phoned 999. 
The volunteer lifeboat crew were quickly on scene and could see three people struggling to climb out of the sea and onto the rocks. 
There was quite a large swell at the time and the crew managed to quickly get into Devils Bridge and drop a crew member off to assess the casualties. 
After an examination, the crew decided to take the two girls straight to Broad Haven as medical attention was required. 
Broad Haven Coastguards who were on scene escorted the two other casualties straight to Broad Haven to be assessed by paramedics
So all's fine after all is done. It's all in a day's work. Thanks to and may God bless those brave volunteers!

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