Friday, March 28, 2014

A rogue wave had hit the ship!

The Baltimore tv station, abc27_WHTM, has this headline item on their site Midstate woman on cruise ship rattled by high waves  by Al Gnoza. Of particular interest to us is this line: "People on board reported that a rogue wave had hit the ship, causing the top deck to collapse".

The cruise ship is Royal Caribbean Cruise's Grandeur of the Seas in the Atlantic Ocean. Maryland passenger Patti Hill Bocassini is onboard the 10 day cruise that visited places like San Juan and St. Thomas has this to report:
"The captain came on and said we were averaging 20 foot waves," Bocassini said on the phone. "This is the very high winds that are coming from the Nor'easter which is ahead of us. But the wind is still blowing down here and around Cape Hatteras is really bad any way."

Bocassini posted this update around dinner time: "waves still high boat still rocking deck has been repaired winds to die down tonight."- smiley face.
So this is a sighting of freaque waves encountered with no details as usual and no sustentative damage. All's well!

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