Monday, January 14, 2008

Global warming and Professional conjuring

I was intrigued by the title of an article by Paul Johnson in the latest "Spectator":
"What has sawing a lady in half to do with global warming?"
It is really a very informed historical sketch about professional conjuring (may be something we call magic) from Charles Dickens to Harry Houdini. The answer to the question posted in his title is given in the final paragraph of his article:

We all need to believe something, particularly those of us who most hotly deny faith in anything. If you don’t have a proper religion, like Christianity, you are sure to fall for pseudo-scientific patter, like ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’. This appeals strongly to the kind of FRS — physics and biology professors and the like — who once patronised the Society for Psychical Research. Give me honest conjuring any day!

I think his "kind of FRS" can be readily generalized to many of the U.S. and elsewhere (e.g. Norway) Academicians as well as those conceited IPCC members who can be so easily fall for the sheer nonsense of a NASA bureaucrat and a divinity school dropout. What would happen if there might be a little ice age come up in the next decade or two? Would they spin it by calling it negative global warming? Why not? They are sppecialized in talking from both side of the mouth anyway. Oh yes, that's professional conjuring!

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