Thursday, January 10, 2008

UK's biggest wave -- the Cribbar sea monster

According to this Global Surf News article of February 2006: The Cribbar is a near-mythical wave among surfers, found over a mile off the coast of Cornwall. This morning the carried this picture with the title "Daredevil surfer tackles UK's biggest wave."
which is a daunting 9 m (~ 30 ft) Cribbar -- which only occurs once a year according to The daredevil surfer in the picture is 28-year-old Jim Moore.

Mr Moore, from Porthtowan, Cornwall, has travelled the world looking for the biggest waves to surf.

He said: 'I've been to places like Hawaii and Fiji to ride big surf, but it's different here because the water is so cold.'

According to legend, the Cribbar was first discovered by in 1966 but was officially first surfed in 2003.

Notably the Cribbar is a deep water occurrence. Here's a YouTube view of the Cribbar.

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