Saturday, January 05, 2008

An incident in North Sea

Here are three reports of an incident in North Sea:

First in The Herald, Graeme Smith reports:
Three offshore workers were airlifted to hospital last night after being injured when their vessel was hit by a freak wave in the North Sea.
And also reported in Scotsman by Charlotte Thomson:
THREE offshore workers were airlifted to hospital yesterday after a freak wave hit their ship in a storm.
Then according to the BBC News:
Four workers have been injured in an accident on board a vessel in the North Sea in bad weather.
Three of those hurt on the Bleo Holm, about 70 miles north east of Aberdeen, were airlifted by helicopter to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

The workers were apparently crushed by barrels of chemicals which came loose on the vessel.

So three separate news reports, only two alluded for freaque waves. No details are available. It was during a North Sea storm. Unless there could be further substantiations bring to light, I am disinclined to think that this is a real freaque wave case.

Here's a picture of the vessel involved:

which is one of the major FPSO, floating production and storage offloading, vessel in the North Sea.

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