Sunday, January 13, 2008

'Tis the season of big surf waves!

'Tis the season of big surf waves! "Surfers roar at Maverick's" as writer Demian Bulwa in San Francisco Chronicle declares today. The Sydney Morning Herald had reported that Sydney beaches were closed for many days as huge surf pounded the coast. Now the Honolulu Advertiser just released a Breaking News this morning saying that "Monster surf expected to reach Hawaii this afternoon."

Here I would like to show two fantastic wave pictures took yesterday from the 2008 Maverick's at the Half Moon Bay I found on the Flickr by Andy/stargazer95050 of Sunnyvale, CA.

The second follows the first by a few seconds. Andy calls the second picture "In the spin cycle." My question is what had happened to the surfer?

For us amateurs gazing from the beach, we can never see them. As Andy explains it:
No way you can see this from the beach regardless of the lens because the waves are aiming directly for the shore. While I'm looking at the side of the wave ...


stargazer95050 said...

Glad you like my pictures and I have no objection about the use -- only thing :
Please use the proper linkback for the image "img src=flickr.... href=flickr...."
Do not store the photos locally on your or any other site.


Stargazer95050 said...

As for the surfer -- in the upper image you can see a splash next to the board -- I think he bailed and dove down to get away from the direct impact.
After holding his breath, both the surfer and the board surfaced. No harm done.

FreaqueWaves said...

Thanks, Stargazer95050, for sharing your super cool pictures with us. I removed the photos from local storage as instructed. And thanks also for answering my question regarding what had happened to the surfer. A smart surfer would certainly know how and when to safely bail out at the right moment!

P.C. Liu

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