Sunday, January 06, 2008

Surfer as rescuer again

Here's a good news about a surfer acted as a rescuer again. It happened at the Billabong World Junior Championships in Sydney, Australia. As reported by of South Africa, one of the young surfers from Durban, Josh Redman, was advanced to round three toward the world junior championship and:
Redman not only made the news for advancing through to round three yesterday, but also for saving a bather's life at Avoca Beach on Thursday.

While training for the event at the northern Sydney beach he saved an English tourist from drowning after the holidaymaker was swept off the rocks by a rogue wave.

While the tourist suffered cuts to his back and head Redman paddled the tourist through pounding waves into calmer waters where he was later rescued.
Being "swept off the rocks by a rogue wave" is certainly not anything unexpected except to the English tourist himself. This side news is still a heart warming story to me as surfers can always be called upon to save lives by paddling their surf boards.

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