Sunday, May 17, 2009

Face of global warming!

In the mixed hoopla of Obamania and pig flu, I doubt the driveby media in US has ever bothered to report the details of this thing called "Catlin Arctic Survey" -- billed as seeking to resolve;

How long will the Arctic Ocean's sea ice cover remain a permanent feature of our planet?

This scientific endeavour began on 28th February 2009. The expedition is being led by highly experienced polar explorer Pen Hadow. Accompanying him will be Ann Daniels, one of the world's foremost female polar explorers and Martin Hartley, leading expedition photographer.

Well, here's the latest:
After a succesful pick up from the ice at 1800 BST yesterday, the Catlin Arctic Survey Team of Pen Hadow, Martin Hartley and Ann Daniels are on their way home.

The three are now in Resolute, catching up on their first proper night’s rest for more than two months. In a webcast shortly before the twin otter plane arrived to collect them, Expedition Leader Pen Hadow revealed that initial Survey results show the average ice thickness in the region to be 1.774m. The data collected will now be delivered to scientists to interpret.

The top priority for the three explorers was ‘a good scrub’ according to Hadow, who admitted the three have the appearance (and smell !) of cavemen.

Cavewoman Daniels added that she had been dreaming of sleeping in a proper bed with clean sheets.
May be this picture of Dr. Hadow in action can provide a little perspective, let's call this the Face of Global Warming:

According to the account of the blog "Watts Up With That?" The Survey completed "less than 50% of their planned journey to the North Pole and came up about 500 km short . . ."

Regarding the 1.774 m ice thickness, they did not make it clear that it is for "first year" ice. Can anyone consider this first year 1.774 m thickness as on "thin ice"? We'll have to wait and see how this is to be spinned! (By the time when the IPCC say the polar ice will all be melted away and they did not, all those IPCC jerks will all be die out anyway.)

I must admit that I have to give high admiration to Dr. Hadow and his colleagues. Though not admirable for being an IPCC believer, they did show courage to pursue this survey to verify their make-believe scientific expectation -- no one would surprise at their unsuccessfulness.

Comparatively Fat Albert and his followers simply kicked out of any science implication and turned the whole thing into a kind of woo-doo religion, with the help of his political cronies to force it on people because they have the 2008 52.7% power. You can order pi to equal to exactly 3 and you can order CO2 to be a pollutant, why not? That's what politics is all about!

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