Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An unthinkable diagnosis

There has not been any freaque wave news in the last few days. I come across this news article through one line of the description in the unknown author's figurative writing style:
It was this baseball-sized growth that has swept away their old life like a rogue ocean wave and left the family adrift, trying to navigate their fear, grief and the intense medical treatments designed to save their baby’s life.
It's the story of a young family whose seemingly healthy 9 month old boy was diagnosed to have inoperable "stage 3 liver cancer. He is under intense treatment right now. Let's all pray for his full recovery.

It has never occurred to me that being diagnosed cancer to a family member is tantamount to being hit by a freaque wave in life. But come to think of it, it is really not that far fetched.

In the ocean of life, any kind of expected or unexpected happenings or rare events can be viewed as encountering the freaque waves in life. That, sometimes of course, is more than science can handle!

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