Saturday, May 09, 2009

Remembering Mom

This is the 10th Mother's Day since Mom left us. She will be 100 years old this year. I can never get over missing her. I wish I could still flying to Taiwan to visit her, or get on the phone to hear her delightful voice. Well, I found this poem from here that seems to express a good portion of what I feel:

Remembering Mom

Happy Mother's Day is here once more
But on this special day, I softly mourn,
For my mother is home with the angels
Where her heart has been re-born.

I try to keep my brightest smile
For those around to know,
But deep inside there's a little cry
For I miss my mother so.

I'd love to sit again and hold her hand
As I am lonesome for her all the while,
But I'm also glad for her to be in heaven
Restored with her sweet smile.

I know God took her when His time was right
So no more suffering she would see,
The burdens of her mother heart
Are gone eternally.

How I cherish all the special ways
She poured forth of her tender love,
Giving selflessly, dear Mom, now resting
Rewarded in her Lord above.

Dear Mother mine, I may be sad today
Missing the one that I adore,
But one day soon we'll be together
Close, just like we were before.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

A real good one made in movie form with a much better poem is here. I can't quite copy them. Someday I'll transcribe them.

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