Monday, May 04, 2009

Torquay rescue

This news in Geelong Advertiser reported by Jessica Craven:

A MAN suffered deep gashes to the face after he and his son were thrown overboard by a freak wave at Torquay on Saturday.

Torquay Marine Rescue Service chairman John Ainsworth said the pair were fishing about a mile off Fisherman's Beach when their 4.5m boat was capsized by a large wave.

"There were two boats that came from the Ballarat district and they were anchored and fishing near the other boat," he said.

"They were thrown into the water and the boat rolled and they were both submerged. The father suffered quite a bad gash to the eye and face, I think he hit the windscreen."

Mr Ainsworth said the men, who were wearing lifejackets, were picked up by the nearby boat and brought into shore.

"There was a lot of their gear floating around in the water and we launched our stavvicraft and went out to the vessel but it was still in a dangerous area with lots of waves and we couldn't get to the anchor line," he said.

"So we sent out a jetski and the operator dived down and cut the anchor rope with a knife and then searched the area for debris and personal possessions."

Mr Ainsworth said the rescue service eventually managed to get the boat on a trailer and tow it back to Fisherman's Beach.

"The father was taken to Torquay Medical Centre for treatment on his facial injuries," he said.

"It was lucky that they were fishing with another boat and could be rescued quickly because it was quite dangerous."

The son did not sustain any serious injuries.

Well, the culprit is another freaque wave, and they were wearing lifejackets. But fishing in the ocean can never be lost sight of the risky and dangerous involved. Of course we should always be just thankful that the rescue was swift and successful.

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