Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Rescue in South Australia

Here's another good to hear rescue story reported by Australia ABC News :

An abalone fisherman has spoken about his rescue off the coast of Ceduna in South Australia after his boat capsized.

Greg Pickering was working with a deckhand about 20 kilometres offshore when a freak wave struck late on Tuesday.

Mr Pickering says he was diving to about 12 metres when it happened.

"I'd been there for four hours and all of a sudden I just got pulled off the bottom and it just kept pulling and pulling, 'cause I was on a dive hose that was connected to the boat," he said.

"Then the air went off and I came up and the boat was upside down and the deckhand was sitting on a capsized boat and he was okay."

The two men were found by rescue crews in a life raft about three hours later.

The most interesting and important part of this story is that the diver's statement that he was being pulled off the bottom underwater presumably at the time when the freaque wave occurred. This is truly something new! May be some theoretician can deduce what happens underwater when freaque waves happen. Could the Navy still ignore freaque waves happening when they only interested in underwater warefare?

For us who don't know where Ceduna is, here's a map of the general area:

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