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Thursday, January 13, 2011

An eye-opener and reality check

This news from New Zealand:

A freak wave nearly tossed a Tauranga kayaker, who is attempting to break a record for paddling around New Zealand, overboard

A Tauranga kayaker attempting a record-attempting paddle around New Zealand says he has had a "reality check" after a freak wave nearly swept him overboard.

Tim Taylor has now travelled over 1500 kilometres of his 5,500 km journey which started in the Bay of Plenty two months ago.

He says he has enjoyed pristine conditions for the past week, but was blown to shore twice paddling across a river near Christchurch.

Mr Taylor who is on his way to Timaru says the experience was an eye-opener.

Well, he did enjoyed pristine for a week, but the world can never be "pristine" for very long! Just be thankful that he is well continuing on his journey!

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