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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rescue of right time, right place

According to Noosanet answering a question to "Where is Noosa":
Noosa lies about 150 km north of Brisbane on the northern tip of the Sunshine Coast. Noosa is known internationally as one of Australia's most beautiful areas. Sparkling ocean, perfect waves, wide sandy north facing beaches, national parks, cool Everglades and a unique river and lake system.
Well, there's this news today from the Noosa Journal:
A NOOSA Coast Guard member will undergo surgery this week after receiving a horrific injury at sea on Saturday.
But Coast Guard commander Tony Taylor said the incident would have been far worse if surf lifesavers had not been on hand to help.
The experienced crew of Bartender Patrol was heading out over Noosa Bar on patrol when disaster struck.
A freak wave flipped over the boat, with one crew member catching his ankle under the spinning propeller. Other crew members received cuts, bruises and a dislocated shoulder.
``It was pure chance the surf lifesaving jet boat was heading back in over the bar and saw it happen,” Commander Taylor said.
``It really was a case of right time, right place.
``I hate to think what would have happened if they hadn’t been there.”
So here again we can see freaque waves happens anywhere, anytime, and to anybody -- even to the well experienced search-and-rescuers! Thank God this is a happy ending case of the right time, right place. Hope all the encountering cases can be like that!

This lucky case brings up a possibly useful point: since the crew was "heading out over Noosa Bar on patrol" when it happened, I am just wondering would it be possible that freaque waves can be more susceptible to the local nearshore bar formation or it is entirely fortuitous?

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