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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happened at Mavericks

This world wide news was reported in the U. K. Dailymail yesterday:
A surfer is fighting for his life in hospital after nearly drowning when a 25ft wave took him by surprise.

The man, named on an extreme sports blog as Jacob Trette, was found floating face up in the water by a photographer who had witnessed the devastating wave at Half Moon Bay in California.
And here's a scary picture reported by Fred Pawle in showing Jacob Trette's green board pops above the first of two rogue 25-foot waves as Trette himself is dragged backwards. (Photo: Russell Ord Source: Supplied).

And here's a topographic map given in a 2007 New Scientist article showing why waves are always huge there.

Now here's the good news from AP:
A surfer who nearly drowned after being pummeled and washed through rocks by a big wave in Northern California is expected to recover, hospital officials said Tuesday.
We can just breath a sigh of relieve and say Deo Gratias!

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