Thursday, January 13, 2011

Torrent came out of nowhere

Frightening story happened in Toowoomba as reported by Adrian Lowe in Canberra Times:
Danny, an interstate truck driver, was in Toowoomba on Monday when the freak wave of water hit. He described the day's events as ''horrific'' and ''incredible''.

He saw children being swept away and helped rescue other people from trapped cars.

''As soon as I pulled out of where I loaded, it turned to mayhem,'' he said.

''The street just turned into a torrent, out of nowhere.

''Lots of kids got swept away that we could see probably two or three. A few pedestrians that were walking got picked up and swept away.''

The truck driver said the children swept away were probably aged 13-14, and they ''just went across in front of me''.

''We myself and another truck driver pulled .. a woman and two kids out of a four-wheel-drive. She would have got through but she was absolutely petrified,'' Danny said.

''We got an old woman from the veranda of her house.

''We pulled probably about 10 cars out. In [about 2 hours] I reckon I probably towed a dozen people out that were stuck in water. We just stuck a chain on the back and pulled them out.

''There were cars wedged up against fences with people stuck in them.

''It was just horrific.''

Danny said the freak nature of the storm's arrival was particularly confronting.

''People were just going about their own thing it was a typical day in Toowoomba,'' he said.

''Between 2pm and 4.30pm I reckon every road in Toowoomba was a raging torrent.''

He also saw ''people swimming through an intersection''.

''There was a couple of young kids stuck on light poles where there should have been a red light there was nothing and there was two kids holding on for dear life,'' he said.

This is part of the large horror from the Queensland flood in Eastern Australia.

They need our help and prayer!

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