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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

All in the minds?

Here's a freaque wave case hidden in an irrelevant article from the Health section.  It was a rather typical case of  freaque wave encounter and rescue, usually we expect a successful rescue leads to happily ever after.  That was just about what was expected here, except the experience led to a twist later in life which clearly stemmed from the encounter not always being reported.  Here's the freaque wave encounter part of the story in written by Barbara Lantin entitled "All in the mind?":

WHEN William Murtha went for his regular cycle ride along the seafront at Dawlish in Devon one evening he little imagined the outing would change his life. 
A freak wave swept William, then 34, over the sea wall and into the icy water. For nearly two hours he battled to stay alive as hypothermia took hold and he drifted in and out of consciousness.
And he was
Miraculously saved when a young amateur astronomer spotted him with his telescope and called 999 . . .
Now being in the Health section this article is really not reporting a freaque wave case, rather it is about the victim's near death experience (NDE) -- when he was drifted in and out of consciousness.  I thought that might be of interest since that's also part of the freaque wave consequences. Here's what the article tells between his in and out  of consciousness and being rescued:
Close to death, he began to relive experiences from his life, sometimes from the perspective of other people involved such as the driver who knocked him down when he was 10, 

his alcoholic father and anxious mother.

The final sequence was a flash-forward to his wife and children receiving the news of his death.

“It was then I realised I had died and was in spirit and I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I had not achieved what I wanted to,” says William, now 46. 

“Suddenly I felt this wasn’t inevitable, it was an option. Part of me was saying you have to go back, you have too much to do. On the other hand, I had a feeling of love and connectedness that permeated through me. I wanted to drift into it and let go of life. The nanosecond I decided to return, all the images disappeared and I was back in the sea thrashing around in the dark and cold.”
Now this must be something every victim might have gone through but understandably seldom being reported in a freaque waves report. Please read the original article if interested. Hope no one should ever going through that kind of experience, but NDE is part of life nevertheless and what a freaque wave encounter might entail -- but not everyone believe or accept it any how!

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