Friday, January 27, 2012

Thanks for dropping by!

Somewhere within the last half hour or so, there is a milepost of sorts for this blog has just passed over.  I checked the number of the blog’s “Pageviews all time history” -- it was 99,915 then, just about 30 minutes later, it is now 100,057.  So since May, 2009 when the Blogspot started counting, up to just now today, there are more than 100,000 visitors visited this blog.  To some of the popular blogs that usually expect millions visitors per day, the 100,000 is much too insignificant a number to be bothered.  But for this personal blog that was started with my daughter’s suggestion, I only expect her as a probable visitor, to have other visitors at all is beyond my wildest dream.  Anyway, for anyone who kind enough to read this, please accept my sincere appreciation.  Mega thanks for dropping by!

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