Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A happy ending story

Here's a scary story with a happy ending :
IN a freak occurrence, a pair of unmanned jet skis turned up on Lighthouse Beach 40 metres from each other – two days after they were washed out to sea 
Sydneysiders Paul Camilleri and Ken Hale were enjoying their holidays and, on Boxing Day, headed out on their jet skis for some fun on the Camden Haven River. 
The duo, with about 30 years of boating experience between them, was “mucking around” near the mouth of the river when Mr Hale fell from his ski. 
“I tried five times to circle back and pick him up,” the concerned Mr Camilleri said. “But, on the sixth attempt, I fell off too.” 
The two men were helpless against the current with Mr Hale eventually making it to the shore and scrambling to safety. 
Mr Camilleri’s fortune was not so great. 
He said he was caught in the water, struggling to stay afloat, for “about an hour”. 
“There were some really big waves,” Mr Camilleri admitted. “I was getting into a bit of a panic at one stage but eventually I managed to make it to shore.” 
The pair had all but lost hope for their water craft, which had also been dragged over the bar and out to sea. 
However, two days later and about 12 kilometres away from where they were last sighted, the two skis were found washed up on Lighthouse Beach. 
Both were submerged, and in a bad state, and needed towing from the scene. 
Mr Camilleri, a mechanic by trade, said the water skis were not insured but held out hope they were salvageable. 
“We thought they had sunk to tell you the truth,” Mr Camilleri said. "I’m going to have a go at fixing them but I don’t hold out too much hope, pretty much only the tips were visible when they were found.
The article in Port Macquarie News this morning, was written by Chris Ward, show that when things happen, experiences do count.  So let's just be happy with a happy ending story !

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