Thursday, January 05, 2012

Venture dangerous!

The above picture is from this article in Donegal Democrat by Sue Doherty showing onlookers watch Atlantic breakers crash against Creevy Pier, Ballyshannon during the recent storms. (Photo by Thomas Gallagher).  My first reaction is "Hey that's dangerous!" on seeing the two men leisurely standing there watching the waves splashing the pier. They can be swept into the ocean any time! Here's the beginning part of the article with appropriate warnings: 
Donegal continues to be hammered by the second severe storm to hit the county this week with flooding fears the latest concern.
Meteoroglists issued a weather alert for Donegal yesterday, warning that the severe winds and heavy rains are expected to last right through most of this morning and are likely to cause more damage.
Last night winds were predicted to reach storm force 10 in coastal areas off Donegal. Met Eireann’s Pat Clarke said gusts of up to 115kph were expected along the coast and in upland areas. He said trees that had already been weakened by the first storm might fall and structures could also be further damaged.
A sea area warning was also in force, due to heavy swells. Mr Clarke advised: “Walking along coastal areas is not a good idea, as there may well be freak waves.”
Not only walking along coastal areas is not a good idea, standing there without protection or a guard is not a good idea either!  Come to think of it, enjoy nature and watching large waves at a beach or anywhere else is just not a risk free venture!  

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