Friday, January 27, 2012

Happened in Scarbotough beach near Perth, Australia.

As the first World War song title says: "It's a long way to Tipperary",  a sad tragic case just happened a few days ago in Perth, Australia, where a 28 year old Irish young man from Tipperary lost his life to a freaque wave at Scarborough beach there.  As this news reports:

A 28-year-old Irishman who was on a working holiday with his brother in Australia drowned yesterday following a freak accident.
Martin Costigan, from Templetuohy, Co Tipperary, was in the sea with his brother and friends at lunchtime yesterday at Scarborough beach near Perth when a freak wave swept him away.
Mr Costigan, who was a non-swimmer, was from a large farming family of eight children and played hurley and gaelic for his local club, Moyne Templetuohy.
His body was later recovered from the bottom of the ocean near the Perth coastline.

It's a familiar storyline again -- a freaque wave swept him away -- but no less tragic, especially to his family and friends and he is a long way from home.  May the Lord help him rest in peace, all the prayers to his family and friends.
The beach picture at the top of this post, which is accompanied one of the news article, is presumably where the tragedy occurred.  How can anyone be expecting a freaque wave encounter in some place like that?

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