Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Boris and Bertha

The make-believe world of global warming media had been totally disappointed with the hurricane season of 2007. It looks like the early hurricane season of 2008 does not seem to be real promising for them either.

Paul Simons of TimesOnline has an interesting, brief article this morning entitled "Weather Eye: Boris was spin, Bertha means business" which is clearly also mixed with a certain amount of wishful thinking:

Boris huffed and puffed and went in for a lot of spin, but eventually fizzled out without doing harm to anyone. But Bertha has meant business and blew up quite suddenly.

Boris and Bertha were some of the earliest tropical storms of the new hurricane season. Boris erupted in the Pacific way off the western coast of Mexico and died out without causing any damage. But Bertha has been something of a surprise. She formed last Thursday near the Cape Verde islands off the coast of West Africa, and set a new record for the farthest east that a tropical storm has formed in July, only a month into the hurricane season.

On Monday Bertha rapidly erupted into a powerful Category 3 hurricane, packing winds of 190km/h (120mph). The storm is moving across the mid-Atlantic and could threaten Bermuda by Saturday, although the US is expected to escape unscathed.

Do you sense the disappointment in the last sentence "the US is expected to escape unscathed"?

Here's Bertha at peak intensity: 21:15 GMT Monday July 7, 2008:

The business of Bertha is not encouraging to them either, as Jeff Masters of Weather Underground explains:

Bertha is slowing down and turning northward as it "feels" the approach of a trough of low pressure to the north. All of the computer model turn Bertha northwards east of Bermuda, and it currently appears that the island will feel only peripheral effects of Bertha. However, the trough of low pressure turning Bertha to the north will not be strong enough to fully drag the storm into the far North Atlantic, so Bertha will wander close to Bermuda early next week while it waits for another trough of low pressure to finish the job. It is very unlikely Bertha will threaten the U.S., but it could eventually affect the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

It's still a long season ahead. Let's just relax and wait and see what nature has in store for us. One thing can be certain though. It was just by chance that George Bush created Katrina once. If he is as stupid as everyone in the drive-by media world suggests, he can't possibly be able to do it again! (Pity those global warming cult leaders and followers -- their ideal season is to have Katrina born again and again and again . . . )

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