Thursday, July 10, 2008

Truth will set you a fake!

This is not a story about waves, nor about freaque waves. But this is a feaque world indeed.

Yesterday's major news in the drive-by world all around was about the missile test by Iran complete with impressive pictures. Ain't they? If it's from the media arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who the hack will question?

Here are some of the front pages:
And here's the picture:
Impressive, isn't it?

But wait, notice something odd? No? Now look at this one:
Note the parts that are circled, can it be possibly true that they are exactly the same? Of course if it's from the Iran Revolution Guard, no one should question anyway, right? New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, BBC News, MSNBC, . . ., etc , . . .

Here's the original: the truth will set you a fake!

All these are from the New York Times article by Mike Nizza and Patrick Witty with hat-tip to Drudge.

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